Replacing the old boathouse roof

After rebuilding parts of the deck of the boathouse a few years ago it seemed that replacing the roof was overdue. I decided that this would be the summer I would tackle re-shingling the roof. What I couldn’t predict was how much it had actually deteriorated. When I removed the old shingles and underlayment I discovered that almost 18 inches of the plywood and 3-6 inches of the rafters were rotten at the lower end of the roof.

After it all was finished and reviewing the time it took to rebuild and make the old structure sound, it would have been much faster to remove the entire roof and start again. Next time…

July 31 – Out with the old…

This probably would have been much quicker if I hadn’t been working and the weather had been a little better. A few weekends of torrential rain and high winds didn’t help move things along.

After rebuilding the rafters by gluing and screwing 2×6’s to the old rafters (on both sides in some places) and replacing the plywood I realized there was nothing on the sides of the building attach the new roof to. So I decided to cut back the siding in order to place two 2×4’s on each side for support.

August 7
Aug 15 – Adding a new roof edge made it seem like I was making progress.
Cutting back the top of the siding for the new 2×4 was challenging : )
The new partial replacement rafters completed but still need to be cut in alignment. Extend about 30 inches back under the roof.
Aug 28 – First coat of paint on the eaves. Used the same colour as the door and trim on the new boathouse.
3pm – two more rows to go to finish
Sep 16 2022 – finally finished